[Review] AirPods Cordless Wireless Headphones from Apple With Superior Sound Quality

[Review] AirPods Cordless Wireless Headphones from Apple With Superior Sound Quality

As a hot accessories since the launch of the AirPods for the Apple Wireless Headset in terms of design, look strange. Including a relatively high launch price of 6,900 baht, this price level. You can also buy some ear-style earphones or over-the-ear earphones as well. Or use it may fall without knowing it.

Sound quality So techmoblog team decided to order AirPods wireless headsets from Apple Online Store with test, share and share experiences. To be an alternative for those who want to try, try AirPods, but the other mind did not dare risk the price of nearly 7,000 baht, which at the time of purchase. Yes, it is ready to send immediately. It will take a month longer, and from the latest inspection found that AirPods orders today ship within 6 weeks as well. Let’s see that the AirPods wireless headphones are worth it and sound good for 6,900 baht or not with AirPods headphones by techmoblog.

AirPods Review: Design and Design


For the package of AirPods Wireless Headphones is a white box. AirPods front side features the word AirPods clearly, which contains a box of white plastic. Inside the AirPods headset, 1.5m cable for charging the battery. And the manual.


AirPods are packed in white plastic boxes. Floss box design This box is not for holding the headset alone. But it can be used to charge the battery to the headset.


The back of the circle will see a white circle. This is the Bluetooth turn on button to connect AirPods to devices other than Apple devices such as Android phones or notebooks.


Below is a lightning port for charging the battery. It can be connected to either Adapter or Powerbank.



When to open the deposit. The AirPods headset is left-handed. The center will be the indicator light. If green means full battery, orange means charging power and white means Bluetooth detection.





The design of the AirPods wireless headphones is similar in shape to the EarPods, but is wireless. And the work is more dense and premium. The bottom of the headphone shaft AirPods comes with an Apple W1 chipset with dual optical sensor and motion sensor. The headset can immediately recognize that.

Now the user is wearing headphones. Or remove the headphones. During use, if the headphones are removed, assume that the music is listening. The music stops playing immediately. And start playing again when the headset is inserted. Including during the call. You can answer the phone by touching the headset twice to answer the call.


Compare the design and size between EarPods and AirPods. The design is very similar. Only the AirPods headphones have no wires and the stem is larger.

AirPods Review: How to Set Up and Get Started


For the first connection Between the AirPods wireless headset and iOS devices like the iPhone is very easy to just open the headphone jack (iPhone, the machine will also need to turn on Bluetooth also), the system will automatically search. Appear AirPods as shown above, click on Connect to make a connection.


When connected Battery status will be displayed. Both the headset and the box.


By the battery status of both the AirPods headphones and the box can check the Notification Center.


For those who use Apple products such as iPhone, iPad or even MacBook whenever a device. The AirPods wireless headset is connected, and other devices will recognize and use AirPods as well. Connectivity from the Bluetooth menu is available.

But in the case of non-Apple products such as Android handsets, the first connection. Will have to open a deposit. And hold the white circle button on the back of the box. Until a white light appears. Which if ever connected. Next time use Just open the deposit and pick up the headset, the system will automatically connect.


While running, the message is displayed. Listen to music through any device between iPhone or AirPods, and can easily switch devices.


Touching the headset two times will activate Siri or play / pause music depending on the settings. Volume adjustment Siri can also change the song through Siri, and can also ask Siri how much battery life left.

AirPods Review: Active Test


Based on the initial AirPods test, the headset was lightweight. Put it hard Test with a head flick And jump back and forth It does not fall easily. In terms of sound quality, it found that AirPods sound quality is better than expected. Clear sound does not blur the clear bass. The more you test with the EarPods, the more noticeable distinction. The noise around. Well done Overall considered Sound quality is satisfactory. But if the sound quality is equivalent to over-ear headphones at a similar price. It may be disappointing for some of you to better test the sound quality before buying is better.

Usage Summary


If you talk about connectivity, the AirPods wireless headsets are easy to connect. When first connected successfully Next time, just pick up AirPods to plug in.

4 things that each notebook manufacturer will likely give away. But what did not come with it? Let’s see

Usually buy a notebook, it will have enough equipment to get it. Whether it’s a basic guide or a briefcase, it does not include special promotions. And some good from the store, it is good.

But some of this is called junk, so I do not know why. haha, but there are some devices that we want to use. But the brand never got it. Or even when there are special promotions. Finally, I have to buy it myself, because it really needs to be used with 4 things that a notebook manufacturer should give you.


1 Adapter 2

Of course, every brand has an adapter for it already. (If not, then get a chart – but -), but it is not enough for many users. Especially those who need to carry a notebook for both work and home. To go back, I have to carry the Adapter with some adapters, it is not a small line to remove it again to put each other busy.

If there is a second adapter it will make life a lot easier. One at work Another one at home Time to travel, just pick up the machine, do not have to remove the adapter again. Do not say that, but some brands will buy the size is hard to find 555.


2 Battery 2

This is suitable for friends working outside the home. Outside the office regularly. Because sometimes the plug adapter connector is extremely difficult to have a second battery to help make life much easier. Battery pack may not be high capacity, only 3 Cell is enough, but now the notebook can use longer battery life. Some models can not remove the battery. The second battery may not be very necessary for some people. But some of you still need to be either a model or a free adapter instead.



3 DVD / USB Drive Windows recovery

For machines that come with genuine Windows will now be installed on the hard disk of the machine. There are no plans for Windows. It is convenient to open the machine immediately. To clean the machine, just enter the reset function in Windows. But the problem is if the hard disk breaks down. Or need to format the entire hard disk. Windows will disappear forever.

Even the load to install it. But it’s not that easy to register. Than to drive another driver I want the manufacturer to get DVD / USB Drive recovery Windows a bit better. If the hard disk is broken down just through DVD / USB Drive recovery Windows only some brands will be able to mail it, but it will be long. (The reason why he refuses to ask is to protect copyright issues. I’m afraid people who do not use genuine Windows down to it.


4 USB Hub

The smaller the device, the smaller the USB port is hardly the least. The mouse is gone While many of my friends need a lot of equipment, such as keyboard, printer, mobile chart, 1-2 port, it will be enough.

For a USB port, it should be a USB Hub with a USB 3.0 not a USB 2.0 is also good if the high-end USB Type-C is a great way to do this, do not do a Macbook. There are four USB Type-C ports, but no type-A converter is useless.

Little device Many people need to use, but never had it. Some brands are optional for sale, too. 555 If the brand I love it, especially Adapter 2, then the friends have equipment that I think should get it.